New Consultants

Beat the Box!

Complete this challenge before your Starter Kit arrives to get a free gift from Ashlyn!

Checklist #1

What to do while you're waiting for your Starter Kit to arrive.

Checklist #2

What to do once your Starter Kit arrives.

Checklist #3

What to do once your Inventory has arrived.

Checklist #4

​How to prepare for your first party or facial.

Checklist #5

​What to do after your first sale, party, or facial.

Be Confident

Get your knowledge flowing and your business growing!

Next Steps

Your first business challenges to get you off to a great start!

Developing a Clientele

How to book your first parties and find customers.

Goals & Attitude

Setting goals and having a positive attitude.

Get Organized

Setting up and organizing your office, and managing your time.

Stay Motivated

Tools to keep you motivated and going strong!

Power Plan

Plans to book, sell, and recruit like a pro with scripts and tracking sheets.


Simple documents of how to's like doing a sales ticket and adding a new customer! 

Debut Party

 Click here for all the tips and tools to have a successful business launch party! 

For Husbands

Here are some resources to help your husband understand your new business!

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