Meet Ashlyn


Ashlyn Couch

I began my Mary Kay journey in January of 2017 because I had lost my sparkle... after a nudge and some encouragement from my mom, I saw the opportunity as a “whats the worse that could happen?” I said YES to the Mary Kay Starter Kit!

Chad and I have been married since May of 2015. We had our son Braxton in May of 2018. Prior to Mary Kay, I studied to go into Pre-Law, I knew I wanted to help people. In my Corporate experience, I was told to quiet my personality, slowly dulling my sparkle and becoming severely depressed. My husband told me, “life is way too short to do something you don’t enjoy.” What a blessing to discover such an AMAZING, LIFE-CHANGING Company!


Since saying YES to the starter kit, I have accomplished: 2019 Rookie of the Year for the Fox National Area. 2017 & 2018 Unit Miss Go Give and Fox National Area Queen of Consultant Recruiting. Completed ON THE MOVE, Fab50 and Honors Society in All the New Director programs, earning cash bonuses to buy new appliances!! I took Chad on the FIRST EVER, FREE Destination Red Cruise to the Bahamas in October 2019. I lead a Triple Crown, Grand Achiever Unit and finished in the TOP 10 of my Debuting Class for New Directors. All while driving a FREE car, paid by Mary Kay since June of 2018. 10+ Star Quarters with FREE prizes for servicing my customers. Highest commission paid in 1 month was just over 4,500. I work as a Servant-Driven Leader with the women in my Unit.
My Vision is to create an environment that ignites joy, lighting the way for cultivative growth and revealed passion. My Mission is MK's mission, to enrich the lives of women in tangible ways, the products to enhance a woman's inner beauty and the opportunity to enhance the financial circumstance. My core values are Integrity, Discipline, Passion, Courage, and Communication. Because of Mary Kay, I get to design my life, the way I want it to look every day. I get to stay home and raise my children, passing priorities onto them of God First, Family Second, and Career Third. I want other women to have that same option, while making an executive income.