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Meet Ashlyn


Ashlyn Couch

I am an extrovert that loves to read. I love water, enjoy it and it makes me happy. I recharge by a pool, a lake or the beach. I enjoy chips and queso, with a fountain cherry coke.


I began my Mary Kay journey in January 2017. I started for the discount. I say yes daily, because I love the life changing opportunity I can share in choice for others.

Chad and I have been married since May of 2015. We had our miracle baby, Braxton in May of 2018. 


Since saying YES
  • 2018-stepped into leadership
  • 2019-Earned all new leadership bonuses in the first year
  • 2019- earned a FREE all expense paid trip to the bahamas for Chad and I
  • 2021- 4 cars total, including the PINK Cadillac!
  • 2021- Unit Business Building Challenge Award
  • 20+ Quarters of prizes for providing customer service
  • Shared MK opportunity with close to 100 women
I enjoy leading and serving with the women in my Unit.
My core values are Integrity, Discipline, Passion, Courage, and Communication.
My Vision is to create an environment that ignites joy, helping people grow internally, externally or eternally; revealing passion. My Mission is to align with the founder's, to "enrich the lives of women"
Mary Kay allows me the freedom to design my life, the way I want it to look. Have fun traveling and making memories with friends from all over. I get to stay home and watch Braxton grow up. Instillig priorities of God First, Family Second, and Career Third. I want other women to have that same option, and if they choose, an executive income.
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