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Developing a Clientele

How do I develop a clientele?

You will build your client base the same way as beauticians, nail techs, doctors and other professionals do. They begin 

with family and friends, develop a good reputation, and word spreads.

Make a Contact List

  • Create your potential customer, hostess & team member list. A sheet or notebook for all of it in one place is best for tracking. Think in terms of creating an invitation list to a large church wedding. The average large church wedding in America sends out 150 family invitations, which encompasses 300-450 people inside those households. If you don’t have numbers, that’s okay, FB message them “Hey I have a favor to ask you, what’s your number so I can give you a call?!” I don’t mention why I’m asking until I can call them live with my booking script! If they live far away- THATS OKAY, we have virtual beauty options.

  • Add to this list each day as you meet or think of new people. 

Try this Exercise!

Now grab a pen and try the following exercise. You’ll be surprised how quickly your list grows! Write your contact list on a notebook piece of paper with their names and phone numbers! 

  • current job

  • old job

  • school or college

  • sports/hobbies

  • children’s activities

  • church

  • community activities

  • landlord

  • realtor

  • helps you at the cleaners

  • met on vacation

  • checked you in at your last hotel

  • gives your child lessons

  • hairdresser

  • pharmacist


  • Girl Scouts/Boy Scouts

  • health club/gym

  • travel agent​

  • bank teller

  • florist

  • nurses & doctors

  • jewelers

  • business acquaintances

  • interior decorator 

  • sales and service people

  • sisters

  • aunts

  • cousins 

  • nieces 

  • teachers

  • daycare workers

  • classmates​

  • children's playmates' parents

  • coaches 

  • employees at work 

  • management personnel at work

  • fellow bus/carpool riders 

  • current neighbors 

  • old neighbors 

  • holiday card list

  • old friends 

  • new friends

  • casual acquaintances

  • met through your parents

  • met through your significant other

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