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Checklist #5

​What to do after your first sale, party, or facial.

  • Charge Credit Cards on ProPay or deposit checks/cash into your Mary Kay bank account

  • Place your 2nd order. Add to a “saved” order on InTouch until ready to place it to restock your inventory and/or order products to fill order. If you don’t have a store place the order right away (you don’t want to keep them waiting for their products)

  • If it is a new customer, enter ALL their information in InTouch under “My Customers” under the "Business Tools" tab. Make sure you have added: name, address, phone, email, birthday, wedding anniversary if applicable. This information allows you to print and use a birthday/anniversary report to offer a discount on those special months, and the contact info is needed to enroll customers in the Preferred Customer Program quarterly.

  • Send a postcard or email thanking them for their business and helping you get one step closer to your dream and goals. Let them know you appreciate them being your customer. You can use “Customer e-cards” under business tools and use the “stationary” option.

  • If they purchased skin care, write a note in your datebook to call them on the exact dates to follow up (2 days, 2 weeks, 2 months) so you don’t forget. When you get to that date, you will know you need to call them to follow up because you wrote them in your datebook for those days.

  • Submit your WAS. Update your Weekly Accomplishment Sheet after EVERY class/facial/sale/etc. Watch the video below to learn how to complete a Weekly Accomplishment Sheet.

  • If you are using paper sales tickets (I prefer the my customers app!) Put 1 copy of sales ticket in a folder for the month it was placed (should have 1 folder for each month of the year in a filing cabinet). Put another copy of receipt in paper clipped to according customer profile card, and file in alphabetical order by customer last name in the A-Z folders. (there are 2 remaining copies of the sales ticket: 1 should go to customer at time of purchase, if you need to deliver additional products the 4th copy goes in that delivery bag, if you had all the products then you have an extra copy)

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