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Checklist #4

How to prepare for your first party or facial

  • Travel with your recruiter and/or director to view at least 1 of her parties.

  • Practice your flip chart in front of a mirror. (Keep in mind that you will, over the next few weeks, personalize your presentation and fill in additional facts you want to mention. You want your presentation to be professional, however at the same time fun and a reflection of your personality. Make it your own! If you ‘fly by the seat of your pants’ and do not follow this you may still have a successful class, however you just convinced the girl at the table who does not have your personality that she cannot do this. By using the flip chart, your skills then become transferable to your future team members). 

  • Practice setting up your table display and trays. 

  • Roll-up Bag for display and close (display one Ultimate Miracle Set in a roll up bag) You should also have a “working” roll up bag with your demo/tester products in it. The goal is to have enough inventory to have a filled roll up bag at every customer's seat for your parties. The eye buys, women like to take it home that day and when they can your sales are generally 3x higher! 

  • Pack your Face Bags to go to your appointment. Each face case should have a mirror, face tray diagram insert (4 skin cares for each face case), facial cloth, headband if you choose, 2 cotton rounds, profile card, & pen. 

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