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Checklist #3

What to do once your Inventory arrives...

  • Label your inventory with your product labels (especially skin care and skin supplements). Labels can be ordered from MKConnections (I suggest ordering the business kit). I do NOT recommend putting labels on products that would be defaced by a label such as lipstick tubes, most color cosmetics and fragrances. Make SURE you have your Mary Kay email AND website along with your phone number on your reorder labels, stamp and business cards!

  • Use your business kit stamp to stamp all Look Books, Beauty Books, and team building materials.

  • The Beauty Coat, Trunk Organizer, and Inventory Carrier (pictured below) are great to invest in if you have extra funds after becoming a Star Consultant and can also be ordered from MKConnections.

  • A fishing tackle box is perfect for eye and lip liner samples as well as mascara wands, sponge tip applicators, Q-tips etc. Take your product items with you to the store to check fitting.

  • Organize and store inventory both on office shelving and in carriers that you are taking to your appointments. Product can safely be carried in your car trunk except in times of extreme heat or cold. Be sure to alphabetize the eye shadows and blushes, etc. for easy location while filling orders!

  • Discuss with your recruiter or director how much of each item to take to your appointments.  

Dress for Success

You have entered the fabulous business of beauty, so it is imperative that you always look & act the part of a professional & successful Beauty Consultant. Remember….you only get one chance to make a first impression!
  • ALWAYS wear a skirt or dress when conducting MK Business, when holding appointments, and attending trainings/meetings/events. Slacks, jeans, or shorts are NOT acceptable attire for any MK function.

  • Wear the Mary Kay products from head to toe and no other brands so you are able to sell your product. You are your best advertisement. Be sure your makeup looks flawless.

  • Wear your Mary Kay logo pin at all times to advertise your business!  Mary Kay also recognizes your achievements with pin enhancements…wear the 2 most recently awarded pins to events as well.

  • Arrive at all appointments, events & meetings with 100% positive attitude.  It is said that 90% of our success is in our attitude!  Your attitude determines your altitude.

  • We believe what we hear most often, so be sure you are hearing positive things from those around you, associate with those that lift you up and encourage you, and give yourself positive self-talk.

  • For more information on professional image at company events, please let me know and I can direct you. 


"The definition of successful people is simply ordinary people with extraordinary determination."​-Mary Kay Ash

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