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Checklist #2

What to do once your starter kit arrives...

  • Watch the ”Unpacking Your Starter Kit” video

  • Put the dates of the Mary Kay events and training meetings in your datebook. If you are not local to the Indianapolis, IN area, contact Ashlyn and she will find you a meeting local to you and you can plug into those events and training. 

  • If you would like to hold a business debut launch party, the best place to start is Mary Kay University

  • Practice your ”skin care class flipchart” several times out loud in the mirror. Flipchart was the best part when I began my MK business!

  • Book your first parties and practice facials! The GO KIT scripts partnered with our Power Program make it simple to begin. 

  • Your goal is to get 10 appointments scheduled on your datebook in the next 2 weeks! Half of what you book will postpone, so don’t stop at 10, that just means you are open for business! Order your initial inventory order if you haven’t already. You can’t sell from an empty wagon! 

  • Start practicing on faces! Your goal is to practice 15 faces in your first 2 weeks, and 30 in your first month! These are your Perfect and Power Starts (see more about this later in this packet)! The Faces start counting with the first one you pamper. You can have 1–6 at an appointment at one time. Practice makes perfect, use the products in your kit and additional demos ordered for you in in your initial order and follow the script in your flip chart.

  • Set a goal to sell 25 items from the catalog in 7 days (7 day wonder challenge). You can use paper catalogs or the ecatalog link and online sales tickets with the MyCustomers+ app. Ask Ashlyn for a script and how to take orders!

  • Pack your Starter Kit bag. In the accordion folder you purchased, put your Look Book catalogs, samples, and business cards. Put the profile cards, sales tickets, set closing sheets. Then put all the retail size product out of the boxes in the roll up bag that came free in your initial order.

  • Try all the products in your Starter Kit!

  • Begin reading the Mary Kay Autobiography to learn the heart and vision of Mary Kay Ash and the company. Aim to read a chapter a day!

  • Begin reading the “Start Something Beautiful” magazine. This is jam packed with all kinds of great tips, tools, scripts, and more

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