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Checklist #1

What do do while you’re waiting on your Starter Kit to arrive...

  • If you didn't receive a welcome packet yet, you can Click Here to download and print the complete welcome packet 

  • Take the odometer reading on your vehicle. One of your biggest tax deductions is mileage! Record this in a designated mileage log notebook, i suggest a small one that fits in your glovebox.  All miles driven for business purposes are a tax deduction, just keep track of the round trip miles, date and reason of the trip and odometer reading. Here's a fun mileage tracker 

  • JUST IN CASE-Send me a text with your name and let me know its you so I can save your number: 317.370.8062

  • Download the free app for smart phones, VOXER if you don’t have it already, and send me a message at acouch630 ! This is like a walkie-talkie and a great way for me to coach you. There is also a group vox you’ll be added to for updates, challenges, announcements & hot news!

  • Email/Text a picture of yourself for recognition in the newsletter and return the excited to know you form on the back of the welcome email.

  • Make a contact list of 100 women. Here is a fun contact list sheet to make your list!  Find a memory jogger sheet here to help you with this. You'll be surprised how many people you come up with! The average woman knows 300+ people! Think of who you’d invite to a wedding! Don’t prejudge, put everyone you know that's friendly and has skin! Write these names in your notebook or blank paper in your 3 ring « brain book » binder which you’ll read more about later.

  • Make a reservation with me for your initial orientation, getting to know you, and to map out a customized plan for YOU! Click here to view my calendar

  • Change your personal cell phone and house phone voicemail to include that you are a Consultant! Make sure your message sounds professional and upbeat! Example: “Hi, and thank you for calling! You’ve reached ___Mary Kay Independent Beauty Consultant, please leave your name, phone number and a message so I can get right back with you! Have a great day!

  • Attend your first weekly success meeting! Contact me to find information on our local meeting or the location closest to you!

  • Purchase a few things to get yourself organized: accordion folder to keep your papers organized in your starter kit bag for your appointments, a 3-ring binder with tab dividers, 6+ elastic headbands and 6+ plastic bowls (look for them at the $1 store), cotton rounds or squares (not balls), and several pens. During orientation, I will explain what to do with these things.

  • Log on to Enter your consultant number and create a password. Review under EDUCATION- NEW BEAUTY CONSULTANT START HERE. There are lots of goodies waiting for you!

  • Set up your Mary Kay personal shopping website.

  • Set up your ProPay account. This gives you the ability to accept credit and debit card payments from customers and links directly to your ordering screen on It is $39.95 for the year or you can break into 3 payments. Click here to be redirected to set it up. On the homepage go to the ordering tab then down to Propay.   

  • Order your business kit from MKConnections. Make sure you order this AFTER you set up a Mary Kay email and personal website so you can include this information on your business cards, product reorder labels, and stamp for you beauty books & catalogs! Click here to be redirected to set it up. On the homepage go to the ordering tab then down to MKConnections.

  • Schedule a time with Ashlyn to discuss what initial order amount is right for you and place your first order. Watch this video to find out more information on inventory, why it is important, and free product bonus with your first order.

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