Complete this challenge before your starter kit arrives to get a free gift from Ashlyn!

  1. Send me a friend request on FACEBOOK

  2. Follow Ashlyn on Instagram@ashlynbcouch See #10 below (in the packet there are some other MK Boss Babes I suggest following)

  3. Join our private unit Facebook group Dazzling Diamonds and ask about our Area Facebook group!!

  4. Download the free walkie-talkie Voxer app on your phone and send me a message at acouch630

  5. Text me a picture of yourself (headshot style) that you’d like me to use for recognition

  6. Fill out this “GETTING TO KNOW YOU FORM” so I know how best to support you.

  7. Schedule your orientation with me to take place in the next 48 hours. Click here to view my calendar.

  8. Watch this short Inventory video to find out the best way to provide products to your customers.

  9. Check out all the goals and rewards for new independent beauty consultants here.

  10. If you didn't receive a welcome packet yet, you can CLICK HERE to download and print the complete welcome packet.